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AI by and for the People

About Us

PeoplewareAI is an academic spin-off created by researchers from the COLLAB research group specializing in collaborative software engineering, social computing, affective computing and data science. PeoplewareAI intends to transfer skills and technologies to offer people-centered AI data-driven products to the market, to be integrated into AI-enabled software solutions.



We make data-driven AI products centered on the people.
Our products are designed to be seamlessly integrated into AI-enabled software.


PeoplewareAI's flagship product is BehaViz, an AI product focused on behavioral data, including the recognition of emotions from written text. The user can customize the recognition of emotions not only with an annotated dataset different from the basic one but also with a classification model different from the original one. This allows both greater recognition accuracy and greater flexibility of use.

BehaViz can be used as a cloud computing service in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode, connecting the service to customer data sources through specific integrations. This allows the user not to have to move their data outside the databases on which they are hosted.

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Via Orabona, 4
Department of Computer Science
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70125 Bari, Italy
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P.IVA/C.F.: IT 08543750726
Capitale sociale: 10.000,00€ interamente versato.

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